Managed, Detection and Response (MDR) Via SOC-as-a-service model

The Challenge

It is too challenging and complex for a typical IT team to secure an organization professionally and quickly from sophisticated cyber threats:


Cyber-attacks are sophisticated and required unique expertise (not a typical IT expertise).


Typical IT engineer may face cyber-attack < twice a year and cannot gain required experience to be well prepared to efficiently face the next attack.

Alert's Fatigue

too many alerts from too many sources – how to prioritize & classify them.


Cyber-attacks typically to start beyond a normal working hour and during weekends.

The Solution

Managed Detection and Response services is delivered by dedicated and experienced security engineers that work at a Security Operation Center (SOC):

Unique Expertise

Security engineers are specifically trained to mitigate sophisticated Cyber-attacks.

Accumulated Experience

Security engineers focus only on mitigating cyber threats and defending cyber-attacks at multiple customers. Therefore, accumulate valuable experience to face many more and different attacks which enable efficient response and short recovery time.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Security engineers 24x7x365 available to identify threats and quickly respond even before they are evolving to sophisticated Attacks

A Complete Service

The key differentiators of CyberScope’s Managed Detection and Response services (MDR) is a result of a synergy between (1) an Integrated-SecurityPlatform, utilizing multiple-security technologies, each best for specific attack and together minimizing blind-spot, maximize telemetry and visibility that leads to optimum security performance (2) experienced security team that deliver boutique service to reputable multi-national companies

Security-Incident-Event Management (SIEM)

Platform that collect logs and manage alerts from multiple sources mainly non-OS networking equipment to provide complete visibility


Platform that protect workloads on private and public clouds


Platform that protect mobile devices and tablets

24/7 monitor respond

Expert security analysts that manage, 24/7 monitor respond to and remediate threats and block attack

Proactive Vulnerability

Proactive Vulnerability management services to reduce the attack surface and improve maturity

Cyber-Intelligence services

That search for leaked information and breaches and enable executives and users to improve their security posture and help organization protect their domains and brands

End-Point, Detection & Response (X/EDR)

Platform that protects computers and servers


Platform that protect against phishing and account takeover including employee’s monthly user awareness training


24x7 Active Monitoring & Response

Flexible Modular and Customized SLA for SMB's

Complete Protection Against Multiple Vector Attacks

Cyber Risk Assessment Program

High Level, Boutique Service for Multinational Companies